UPSD girls

“As a young female athlete, others pressured me to not do what I loved – playing hockey.  Now, as a parent, and sports advocate, I know how important an encouraging message like Kika’s is for kids.” ~ Hayley Wickenheiser, Canadian hockey heroine, 4-time Olympic medalist

“As a fellow upside down girl, I know Kika’s adventures will inspire kids to see the world from a new perspective!” ~ Rosie MacLennan, 2012 Olympic trampoline gold medalist

“Jessica has done a great job in providing a story that captures a necessary message about being a unique individual in our cookie-cutter world. Fun for kids, it also nudges parents to consider how they are dealing with their childrens’ attempts at being themselves, changing perspectives and just having fun! Kika wants to experience the world upside down and why shouldn’t she? What if we were to hang from a tree limb by our legs and take a different, upside down look at the park, our backyard and schoolyard? Follow Kika’s charming adventures and find out! If you’re looking for something that empowers your child to be who they want to be, then I recommend you grab a copy of this special, well-illustrated book…and you’ll learn a whole new set of fliptastic words in the process, too!” ~ Jamie Good, social media expert

“I truly enjoyed reading “Kika the Upside Down Girl”. As an educator I always look for books that relay important messages to children. Kika demonstrates that we don’t have to be like everyone else. It also shows persistence and that by not giving up on our dreams we can achieve what we set out to do. I believe that due to the expressive wording and fun illustrations, children will be able to relate to the story. I would recommend this book to children, young and old!” ~ Cathy Indig, Director of Early Childhood Education, Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre

“I grew up feeling slightly upside down in a right side up world.  Kika the Upside Down Girl’s inspiring story and playful images will empower all kids like my daughter to dream big and be who they are meant to be.” ~ Erica Ehm, Publisher,

“Kika the Upside Down Girl is an easy-to-read, fun story that carries a very important message that kids can easily understand. It is a great starting point to discussing issues of difference. My sons and I were able to discuss the importance of staying true to oneself, which is such a critical message for them to hear. Kika’s story is definitely relevant to both girls AND boys, and after reading it as a family several times, we all feel inspired by Kika’s positive message and really like it. Kika’s story will inspires kids to explore what they like to do despite the pressure they may feel to conform.” ~ Kathy Ertel, Mother of 2

“Kika’s upside down adventures encourage physical literacy through play, which, as a mom and recreational gymnastics club owner, I try to encourage everyday!” ~ Elfi Schlegel, Canadian gymnastics icon, sports broadcaster

“I’ve spent so much time in my life being upside down that its really the only way I feel right side up.  If I need to solve a problem, a few minutes in a handstand against the wall always inspires a new perspective!” ~ Kyle Shewfelt, 2004 Olympic gold medalist, gymnastics

“We were fortunate to have author Jessica Tudos read “Kika The Upside Down Girl” to our preschool and kindergarten children, which they loved! They closely identified with Kika’s passion for being upside down, so much so that during the reading most of the group turned themselves upside down to see the world from Kika’s perspective and demonstrate their own “fliptastic” abilities! The illustrations are colourful, inspire fun and show movement in a way that captivates the imagination of children and adults alike. Parents and children will identify with, and delight in, Kika’s flips and flops on her journey to fulfill her heart’s desire.” ~ Joy Ryman-McCann, Director, Phoenix Child Centre

“I think Kika the Upside Down Girl will inspire many young gymnasts, teaching them that hard work, determination, and dedication can pay off, that you have to keep pushing when the going gets tough, and most of all, that it is okay to be different.” ~ Deanna, Parent of Gemini gymnast Elisha

“Kika the Upside Down Girl is a simple, easy to read story with a HUGE message! This book reminds kids how important it is to follow what is in their heart, even if others do not completely understand. I was so excited to read it to the kids at my gym and to share it with gymnastics friends. The colorful, very cute upside down illustrations caused many a-giggle as Kika views the world from her unique standpoint before eventually discovering the best place to be upside down, ever! It says ages 4-8 but I believe little ones as young as 2 or 3 will enjoy it, too. Children can also sing along with Kika as she marches, sings, and learns (all upside down) to the beat of her own special drum! ~ Danielle Soucy Mills, Author of upcoming Tina Tumbles

“This book is great for kids as it shows them that it is okay to be different and that you can always find a place where you feel at home. The illustrations are fantastic and colourful and project the energy of the story. This is a story that comes from the heart and from the experience of the author. I love the message that it is more than okay to be upside down in a right side world. In other words to do your own thing and not cave in to the pressures of peers or society. It celebrates uniqueness. Being in Greece it is ideal for small children learning the english language although I’m still trying to figure out how I’m going to explain “fliptastic”. ~ Susan Bano, Greece

“My daughter (2.5 years old) and I love this book. The illustrations are delightful, and the story is very inspiring. There’s even a little tune in the book, which my daughter loves and sings often. A great read for kids.” ~ Avery Swartz, Web Designer, Camp Tech Founder & Lead Instructor