Olympians Unite to Award Newtonbrook S.S. with CAC Environmental Award

Colin-Donna-Lynne-Mari-Egor-Jessica with cheque-DSC_0016

So honoured to co-present Newtonbrook S.S. with the Clean Air Champions/ Honda Canada environmental excellence award last month!  Pictured here: 2-time Olympic swimmer & Clean Air Champion Colin Russell, technology education teacher Donna Blanco, principal Lynne Koffman, TDSB trustee Mari Rutka, student leader Igor R., and Olympic gymnast & Clean Air champion Jessica Tudos. Student highlights included:

“I had a great time because I have never met an Olympian in person before.  It was also great because we got to see an Olympian in action doing the sport that they are the best at.” ~Tanner

“It was quite an experience to be able to meet two Olympians. It was amazing to watch Colin swim – he was extremely graceful and he swam was very fast. I hope to see another clean air champion again.” ~Alina

“My experience with the clean air champions was very memorable. It was a great privilege to meet Jessica Tudos and Colin Russell who are both amazing athletes.” ~Amisha

“I really enjoyed the Clean Air Champions experience; it was really cool meeting Olympians and watching Colin swim with the school’s team. I hope they come again, because it was fun watching.” ~ Crystal

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