My 2014 Manifesto for Living

Currently attending an inspiring Amplify your Business conference and one of the things host and business coach extraordinaire Darla LeDoux asked was, “What’s your manifesto for Living?”

I thought about her question and realized I always have had ideas in my head about what might be guiding me, but have never actually written them down.  So, in an effort to do my homework (I have always been one to complete my homework for better or worse!), here is a snippet. To see the whole manifesto, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

See each day as an opportunity to connect, learn & grow.  Be crazy curious & serenely contemplative.  Face forward; look up.  Treat time as the precious commodity it is.  Smile, breathe & move.  Be authentic and genuine.  Just figure it out.  Share stories.  Empower others to take action. Cultivate kindness and curiosity.  Do not waste imagination and creativity on worrying.

For anyone looking to make a difference in the world and amplify their presence in work, play,  family (or other), I highly recommend creating your own version.  If nothing else, sitting down and writing out what you truly believe to be important forces you to think through how to say yes to opportunities and people that serve you well, and no to those that do not.

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