Keynote Address @ SEED’s Alternative Students Conference Eye-opening

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As a recent keynote speaker at SEED Alternative School’s “Students Driving Their Learning: Creating the Culture and Learning Space to Drive the Curriculum” conference, I had the opportunity to see, firsthand, what engaged students want to talk about and explore.

Students for Alternative Education (SAE), a student-led alternative schooling group that put on the conference, really wants to get students to take action with respect to their own learning and “own our learning” as was stated many times throughout the day.

Featuring a panel of speakers, workshops, performances, and an opportunity for open dialogue, this inaugural conference touched upon topics essential to improving the student experience and developing positive and challenging learning spaces.  The goal was to encourage student voice and engagement in order to create healthier learning spaces and  curriculum that suits students needs. All of which transcends into lifelong healthy living and hopefully healthy personal development and growth.

My thoughts centered on this idea that if you find your passion first, act on it and seek out your tribe of supporters, anything is possible!  With this approach comes a responsibility, however, to take care of your physical, emotional, and mental health. An inspiring day for sure.

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