Food for Thought – Real Food for Real Kids

Oh to be part of the healthy and delicious food revolution! Feels great to be working on expansion and education with Real Food for Real Kids (RFRK), a truly innovative kids catering company in Toronto.  As providers of fresh, nutritious, and delicious meals and snacks to over 7000 kids daily, RFRK has changed the way kids perceive and eat food. RFRK, founded 8 years ago by a couple who wanted healthier daycare food options for their son, has since forged strong relationships with local farmers and producers and become a leader in the sustainable food movement.  Experts in the field. Food advocates.

As I embark on a new collaborative role seeking out and engaging new childcare partners who share the same values as RFRK, I am curious about a few things:

  • how do kids and caregivers interact with their food?
  • to what extent do kids understand what “healthy” eating is?
  • what is the role adults play in helping kids eat healthy?
  • are kids enjoying their food?  do they try new foods easily?
  • how can RFRK continue to build healthier communities?
  • how can RFRK stay “fresh” and current?

I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with such an innovative and talented team (hey, you don’t get ranked #18 on the list of Canada’s top places to work for nothing!) and look forward to sharing more stories along the journey.

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