Educating for Sustainable Wellbeing through Clean Air Champions

I recently presented a session on behalf of Clean Air Champions (CAC) at the fabulous Educating for Sustainable Happiness conference at Cushing Academy a few weeks ago and after reflecting on my session, I have to say that although sustainability education may not be mainstream, the ideas and concepts behind it are rooted in… mutual respect, responsibility and community-building – all important elements of Clean Air Champions.

I have been a proud champion athlete, facilitator, trainer, supporter of CAC for ten years and in this time this Canadian charity started by two former athletes and an environmental educator has inspired thousands of Canadians to adopt healthier, environmentally conscious and community-mined actions around personal and societal health.  Representing CAC at this conference was a next step in my own involvement as I was able to build on existing messages, activities and stories we share with youth and adapt it to an audience of global experiential educators.

Feedback from the session was very positive. They loved how we integrate science, psychology, ecology, economics, and social studies in our programs, combining them in practical and inspiring ways in order for youth to make meaningful connections and be inspired to take positive action that leads to healthier environments for all.

As mentioned in my previous post, Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness is integrated into the everyday lives of all Bhutanese, which makes me wonder if everyone had the chance to understand how vital sustainable living is to our planet, not to mention the happiness and well-being that derives from it, what kind if changes we would see on our planet. This is where Clean Air Champions is paving the way – stay tuned!

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