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Keynote Address @ SEED’s Alternative Students Conference Eye-opening

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As a recent keynote speaker at SEED Alternative School’s “Students Driving Their Learning: Creating the Culture and Learning Space to Drive the Curriculum” conference, I had the opportunity to see, firsthand, what engaged students want to talk about and explore. Continue reading

An Inspired Future – From Sustainability to Restoration & Regeneration

Had the opportunity to attend the “An Inspired Future Conference” with colleagues from Clean Air Champions February 6, 2013 and upon reflection, one of my biggest takeaways is that the term sustainability is somewhat limiting when it comes to… Continue reading

Food for Thought – Real Food for Real Kids

Oh to be part of the healthy and delicious food revolution! Feels great to be working on expansion and education with Real Food for Real Kids (RFRK), a truly innovative kids catering company in Toronto.  As providers of fresh, nutritious, and delicious meals and snacks to over 7000 kids daily, RFRK has changed the way kids perceive and eat food. Continue reading

Educating for Sustainable Wellbeing through Clean Air Champions

I recently presented a session on behalf of Clean Air Champions (CAC) at the fabulous Educating for Sustainable Happiness conference at Cushing Academy a few weeks ago and after reflecting on my session, I have to say that although sustainability education may not be mainstream, the ideas and concepts behind it are rooted in… Continue reading

Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness (GNH) as a Measure of Success?

Playing on the iClass table with a fellow educator from Bhutan

Just back from a truly engaging and thought-provoking conference entitled Educating For Sustainable Happiness in which the Country of Bhutan was a central focus. For those new to the Kingdom of Bhutan, they are in the midst of implementing Gross National Happiness (GNH) as a measure of societal wellbeing, rather than the traditional economic measure GNP, in an effort to… Continue reading

Environmental Education Transformed?

Another legacy of my Olympic experience has been my involvement with Clean Air Champions, a national charity dedicated to educating and inspiring youth to improve their  personal, environmental and community health. Through interactive presentations, workshops and community events, champion athletes such as myself share our Continue reading