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3 Reasons to Fling into Spring with Kika!

Revolution girlsSo many reasons to celebrate spring – warmer weather, more outdoor play, lots of Easter chocolate & new opportunities to hang with Kika the Upside Down Girl!

# 1.  Kika has a few new homes to share with you, including a permanent spot in the Archives of Canada Library, which I feel honoured and grateful for.  Books are now for sale @ CHAPTERS / INDIGO Bay/Bloor and at the amazing TYPE BOOKS. Books also for sale @ and through Jessica directly for organizations/bulk orders.

What should we do next? Having sold 750 of my original 1000 books, I’m going to Continue reading

My 2014 Manifesto for Living

Currently attending an inspiring Amplify your Business conference and one of the things host and business coach extraordinaire Darla LeDoux asked was, “What’s your manifesto for Living?”

I thought about her question and realized I always have had ideas in my head about what might be guiding me, but have never actually written them down.  So, in an effort to do my homework (I have always been one to complete my homework for better or worse!), here is a snippet. To see the whole manifesto, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

See each day as an opportunity to connect, learn & grow.  Be crazy curious & serenely contemplative.  Face forward; look up.  Treat time as the precious commodity it is.  Smile, breathe & move.  Be authentic and genuine.  Just figure it out.  Share stories.  Empower others to take action. Cultivate kindness and curiosity.  Do not waste imagination and creativity on worrying.

For anyone looking to make a difference in the world and amplify their presence in work, play,  family (or other), I highly recommend creating your own version.  If nothing else, sitting down and writing out what you truly believe to be important forces you to think through how to say yes to opportunities and people that serve you well, and no to those that do not.

Kika the Upside Down Girl kickstarter campaign runs Sept 30 – Oct 30


CLICK HERE to go directly to our kickstarter page.   More at

Our campaign runs Sept. 30 to Oct. 30 – great rewards for supporters who pre-order; including 1st edition books, readings & workshops with Jessica, a lunch with Olympians and more!  With your help we can publish this entertaining and inspiring kids story about an adventurous girl who loves living upside down, despite the pressure she feels to remain right side up. It’s time for Kika the Upside down Girl’s debut on the global online stage!

Honouring excellence @ Markham Gymnastics Club Awards Banquet

markham group kids only

What a privilege it was to speak to the amazing gymnasts, coaches and parents at Markham Gymnastics Club’s annual awards banquet recently.  In addition to handing out celebratory medals, I was asked to speak about the impact that gymnastics has had on my life. Where to start?!

In recounting my journey from recreational athlete to elite Olympic gymnast, I shared with the group how I loved being upside down, that I was sometimes afraid of the new skills I was learning, missing out on social activities because of training was challenging at times,  how making the Olympic team at 15 was stressful and then a great thrill and, how I will never forget Continue reading

Keynote Address @ SEED’s Alternative Students Conference Eye-opening

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As a recent keynote speaker at SEED Alternative School’s “Students Driving Their Learning: Creating the Culture and Learning Space to Drive the Curriculum” conference, I had the opportunity to see, firsthand, what engaged students want to talk about and explore. Continue reading

Retreating to Launch New Ideas

Gang's all here to Launch!

Gang’s all here to Launch!

We’re at Woodhaven Lodge near Buckhorn,Ontario (Jessica working on her book overlooking Sandy lake and her sticky notes above!) for the Launch Pad Retreat Weekend and all things point to getting lots of good work done this weekend.  Designed to help those wanting to move their creative project forward, the novel combination of space, time and support makes doing this “hard work” a reality.  Transforming ideas into actions is happening, while we grapple with questions such as: Continue reading

Off the Couch and onto the Bars!


As the proud parent of a preschooler enrolled in recreational gymnastics at the Birchmount Gymnastics Club, I often get asked if I think my son will compete in the Olympics as I did in 1984.  He’s not even 3 so who knows…but what I do know is that gymnastics is building his confidence and enhancing his physical, mental and social/emotional wellbeing.  He is learning skills and behaviours that will serve him well in whatever he chooses to do in his life.  Continue reading

Transforming Education & Life Through Design Thinking

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Reading “Glimmer” by Warren Berger has been fascinating as it features the ideas of Bruce Mau and other designers who are trying to revolutionize design and create positive change through a specific process. What strikes me is that the concepts and ideas in this book can be applied across disciplines to reinvent, problem-solve, and create new ways of… Continue reading

Environmental Education Transformed?

Another legacy of my Olympic experience has been my involvement with Clean Air Champions, a national charity dedicated to educating and inspiring youth to improve their  personal, environmental and community health. Through interactive presentations, workshops and community events, champion athletes such as myself share our Continue reading

Welcome to kika creative news!

Welcome to kika creative news, a newsblog about innovative events & ideas!

My name is Jessica Tudos and I am the founding director of kika creative. Through collaboration, creativity and focus, my team and I make things happen, turning great ideas into great projects with a lasting, positive impact on communities.  Some call me the “agile educator”- fluid, flexible, and constantly moving in non-linear patterns to make things happen.

This newsblog was inspired by a job application request which asked me to send “something more unique and personal than a paper-based resume”, and although that job did not transpire, this newsblog emerged from the process so thank you to the Institute at Havergal!