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Kickstarting Kika the Upside Down Girl


Things are gonna get upside down busy around here! To successfully self-publish Kika the Upside Down Girl, I’ve decided to launch a kickstarter crowdfunding campaign this fall. This story, about a fearless and feisty girl who loves living her life upside down despite the pressure to remain right side, is near and dear to my heart. As Kika finds her way to the Gymnastic Emporium, she discovers Continue reading

News from the new blog!


Welcome to a world of creativity, inspiration, fun and innovation!

I am so excited to be leading off with an update about “Kika the Upside down Girl” my children’s story about a young girl who loves living her life upside down despite the pressures to remain right side up.

After Kika finds true happiness at the Gymnastics Emporium, I, too, hope to find true happiness after my kickstarter campaign this fall! My goal is to raise enough money to self-publish and print a minimum of 1000 full colour picture books that I know will inspire and entertain kids of all ages. Excited to be sharing the process with you…stay tuned!