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Join Kika & Jessica’s Fliptastic Fall!


KIKA the Upside-Down Girl – we are going to have a fliptastic fall!

So many great events coming up and I’m so honoured to be part of them – as a speaker, presenter, fan, panel guest and all around creative innovator. Please consider joining in the fun  – these events are sure to ignite, inspire and empower you to make the world a more creative, active and healthy place!  btw – the new book cover pictured above is pretty fun isn’t it?

Fall highlights below:

Kika has a new publisher!


Very excited to announce that Domnizelles Publications Inc. has acquired the rights to publish Kika the Upside Down Girl! 

Our new soft cover version will be released in September 2014 in English, French and Spanish as we prepare to reach an even broader audience worldwide with Kika’s inspiring message.

Led by Genevieve Rossignol, Domnizelles Publications Inc. is the publisher of acclaimed kids and young adult books such as:  Dear Bully of Mine (winner of two Benjamin Franklin Silver Medal Awards), Pants, No Chance!, How to Say Goodbye Forever, Pepper, The Wig Warrior, and When I am Older. For a full catalogue, please click HERE.

Check back for more updates as we prepare for a full fall lineup including reading and interactive presentations at Indigo Yorkdale (Sept. 20), Word on The Street Literary Festival (Sept. 21), The Inspire International Book Festival (Nov. 2014),  the Christmas Gift Show (Dec. 2014) and many other visits to schools, clubs, gyms and community events in the GTA — it’s going to be a FLIPTASTIC fall for Kika the Upside Down Girl!

Why Living Upside Down is Fliptastic!

Kika holding sign at end copy

“Kids like me, just wanna be free, upside down, you and me!”This tune, Kika the Upside Down Girl’s theme song, is central to the story of an adventurous girl who loves living upside down in a right side up world.

Geared to 4-10 year olds, with a message that transcends age, Kika the Upside Down Girl is an entertaining and empowering story that will inspire kids to explore their unique interests, despite the pressure they may feel to conform. Some incredible upside down adventures and heartfelt explorations at home, school, outside and in a “fliptastic place” are shown in vibrant and quirky detail in this 32-page hardcover picture book.

As an Olympian, educator & Mom, I created this story to Continue reading

PRE-ORDER Kika the Upside Down Girl!

Kika.page6.7 copy


Kika the Upside Down Girl is a fun & inspiring kids story about a girl who loves living life upside down, despite the pressure to remain right side up, like everyone else. She perseveres and finds true happiness in a most fliptastic place – the Gymnastics Emporium!

As an Olympic gymnast, edupreneur and Mom, I want to inspire kids (and the grown ups who read Kika!), to fully explore the ups, downs & upside downs of their interests and choices. Overcoming challenges and uncertainty to carve a meaningful life path continue in my life, and my hope is that Kika’s story will inspire readers to keep turning their worlds upside down in order to find fulfillment and joy in theirs.

Together, let’s empower kids to be all that they can be – whatever direction they choose!
1. Visit KIKA’s KICKSTARTER ONLINE CAMPAIGN PAGE – learn more about the project and help realize its publication through pre sales; your support is most appreciated!
2. Share the campaign link with your network – the book makes a great holiday gift…
3. Send us your upside down photos by email and use hashtag #kikaupsidedown on all social media to see your images immediately at

Forget Hiring a Business Coach – Commit to Kickstarter!

KSIf you really want to get your creative project done, look no further than kickstarter, your new business coach… along with Jessica’s 1-page project check sheet below.

Kickstarter is an online crowdfunding platform that solicits funds “from the collective” to realize creative dreams and projects.

As the creator of Kika the Upside Down Girl, a kid’s book about a young gymnast-in-the-making who loves living her life upside down despite the pressures to remain right side up, I thought long and hard about how I could get this story published. Once I decided self-publishing was the way to go, and that kickstarter was the best platform for my project, the real work began Continue reading

An upside down journey to draw Kika


Chronicled below are some of the ups, downs and upside downs of transforming Kika – the idea in my head – into an illustrative reality.

This is Kika. She is being co-created and transformed as we speak. I am hoping her zest for life, adventurous spirit and spunk come through here. Next pictures to be upside down – promise!

In deciding to self-publish Kika the Upside Down Girl, I had some immediate questions about the illustrations: How does one bring to life a character inside your head? What will she look like and wear? What are her dimensions? What feelings will come up when you see her? Is she the Kika I am imagining? Continue reading

Kickstarting Kika the Upside Down Girl


Things are gonna get upside down busy around here! To successfully self-publish Kika the Upside Down Girl, I’ve decided to launch a kickstarter crowdfunding campaign this fall. This story, about a fearless and feisty girl who loves living her life upside down despite the pressure to remain right side, is near and dear to my heart. As Kika finds her way to the Gymnastic Emporium, she discovers Continue reading