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Keynote Address @ SEED’s Alternative Students Conference Eye-opening

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As a recent keynote speaker at SEED Alternative School’s “Students Driving Their Learning: Creating the Culture and Learning Space to Drive the Curriculum” conference, I had the opportunity to see, firsthand, what engaged students want to talk about and explore. Continue reading

Retreating to Launch New Ideas

Gang's all here to Launch!

Gang’s all here to Launch!

We’re at Woodhaven Lodge near Buckhorn,Ontario (Jessica working on her book overlooking Sandy lake and her sticky notes above!) for the Launch Pad Retreat Weekend and all things point to getting lots of good work done this weekend.  Designed to help those wanting to move their creative project forward, the novel combination of space, time and support makes doing this “hard work” a reality.  Transforming ideas into actions is happening, while we grapple with questions such as: Continue reading

An Inspired Future – From Sustainability to Restoration & Regeneration

Had the opportunity to attend the “An Inspired Future Conference” with colleagues from Clean Air Champions February 6, 2013 and upon reflection, one of my biggest takeaways is that the term sustainability is somewhat limiting when it comes to… Continue reading

Food for Thought – Real Food for Real Kids

Oh to be part of the healthy and delicious food revolution! Feels great to be working on expansion and education with Real Food for Real Kids (RFRK), a truly innovative kids catering company in Toronto.  As providers of fresh, nutritious, and delicious meals and snacks to over 7000 kids daily, RFRK has changed the way kids perceive and eat food. Continue reading

Making Waves in Education – Educators Unite @ Toronto Un-Conference

Who wouldn’t be totally intrigued by an invitation to speak at the Make Waves education innovation catalyst event? Not this educator! I signed up to be one of 8 speakers at the Islands of Excellence un-conference, an event designed to bring together thought leaders, communities and organizations who are changing the world, igniting new connections and inspiring agile strategies….and making waves.

Hosted at The Academy, an innovative YMCA inspired and supported secondary school serving the needs of students with diverse learning styles, the kickoff Pecha Kucha event showcased the unique ideas of educators like myself involved in a variety of innovative initiatives. Continue reading

10 Business Books That Have Shaped My Recent Thinking

I’ve been doing some reading…focused on business books (none of which are pictured below btw) so below, in no particular order, are 10 that have made me think and blog!

1.  In Search of Excellence by Tom Peters & Robert Waterman – a classic.

2.  Linchpin by Seth Godin – why becoming indispensable is a great idea

3.  The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma – self-help for business folk

4.  The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau – how being unique can work

5.  Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill – the grandaddy of them all….

6.  Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin – with this you can do so much more…

7.  Get Unstuck and Get Going by Michael Bungay-Stanier – funky, fun and helpful

8.  Do The Work! by Steven Pressfiled – Feel the resistance and do it anyway

9.  New Radicals by Julia Moulden – new era, new way of doing business

10.  The Lean Startup by Eric Reis – economical and practical lessons to learn

Athletes CAN Inspire Action & Fun @ Bill Crothers Elite Sport School

Talk about athletes as thought leaders and inspirational educators!  At the recent KidsCAN event at Bill Crothers Secondary School, over 50 Olympians and Paralympians met with more than 700 students to share a variety of sports and fun activities as well as their messages about the importance of physical activity and healthy lifestyles. Continue reading

Athletes as Innovators – Achieving Success by Managing Fear

I have been asked to give a keynote speech at the upcoming Gymnastics Ontario Coaching Congress October 26-28th in Toronto which is very exciting and timely.

My session, “Managing Fear through the Development of a Competitive Mindset” will address not only how to manage the damaging and sometimes paralyzing effect fear can have on athletes, but also how overcoming fear in sport teaches athletes to overcome fear and challenges throughout life.  Once athletes know how to deal with their fears – which can include… Continue reading

Transforming Education & Life Through Design Thinking

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Reading “Glimmer” by Warren Berger has been fascinating as it features the ideas of Bruce Mau and other designers who are trying to revolutionize design and create positive change through a specific process. What strikes me is that the concepts and ideas in this book can be applied across disciplines to reinvent, problem-solve, and create new ways of… Continue reading

Educating for Sustainable Wellbeing through Clean Air Champions

I recently presented a session on behalf of Clean Air Champions (CAC) at the fabulous Educating for Sustainable Happiness conference at Cushing Academy a few weeks ago and after reflecting on my session, I have to say that although sustainability education may not be mainstream, the ideas and concepts behind it are rooted in… Continue reading