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Athletes as Innovators – Achieving Success by Managing Fear

I have been asked to give a keynote speech at the upcoming Gymnastics Ontario Coaching Congress October 26-28th in Toronto which is very exciting and timely.

My session, “Managing Fear through the Development of a Competitive Mindset” will address not only how to manage the damaging and sometimes paralyzing effect fear can have on athletes, but also how overcoming fear in sport teaches athletes to overcome fear and challenges throughout life.  Once athletes know how to deal with their fears – which can include… Continue reading

Transforming Education & Life Through Design Thinking

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Reading “Glimmer” by Warren Berger has been fascinating as it features the ideas of Bruce Mau and other designers who are trying to revolutionize design and create positive change through a specific process. What strikes me is that the concepts and ideas in this book can be applied across disciplines to reinvent, problem-solve, and create new ways of… Continue reading

Educating for Sustainable Wellbeing through Clean Air Champions

I recently presented a session on behalf of Clean Air Champions (CAC) at the fabulous Educating for Sustainable Happiness conference at Cushing Academy a few weeks ago and after reflecting on my session, I have to say that although sustainability education may not be mainstream, the ideas and concepts behind it are rooted in… Continue reading

Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness (GNH) as a Measure of Success?

Playing on the iClass table with a fellow educator from Bhutan

Just back from a truly engaging and thought-provoking conference entitled Educating For Sustainable Happiness in which the Country of Bhutan was a central focus. For those new to the Kingdom of Bhutan, they are in the midst of implementing Gross National Happiness (GNH) as a measure of societal wellbeing, rather than the traditional economic measure GNP, in an effort to… Continue reading

Art and Education

Portions #11 “Member” is another work by artist Matt Durant – his Wavelengths #4 is the image in my header. I just love his use of vibrant colours, big movements and varying materials – it feels connected to the educational journey – one that is often colourful, beautiful, action-based, challenging and always changing. My goal is to post more inspiring images here that fuel the experiential education fire.


Welcome to kika creative news!

Welcome to kika creative news, a newsblog about innovative events & ideas!

My name is Jessica Tudos and I am the founding director of kika creative. Through collaboration, creativity and focus, my team and I make things happen, turning great ideas into great projects with a lasting, positive impact on communities.  Some call me the “agile educator”- fluid, flexible, and constantly moving in non-linear patterns to make things happen.

This newsblog was inspired by a job application request which asked me to send “something more unique and personal than a paper-based resume”, and although that job did not transpire, this newsblog emerged from the process so thank you to the Institute at Havergal!