Retreating to Launch New Ideas

Gang's all here to Launch!

Gang’s all here to Launch!

We’re at Woodhaven Lodge near Buckhorn,Ontario (Jessica working on her book overlooking Sandy lake and her sticky notes above!) for the Launch Pad Retreat Weekend and all things point to getting lots of good work done this weekend.  Designed to help those wanting to move their creative project forward, the novel combination of space, time and support makes doing this “hard work” a reality.  Transforming ideas into actions is happening, while we grapple with questions such as:

  • What does it take to get great work done?
  • Why is your project/initiative/idea important to you/others?
  • How do we get ideas out of our head and into the world?
  • What tools and techniques can we utilize to help us do what we say we’ll do?
  • What gets in the way (fear, procrastination, facebook, the lake, etc.)?
  • How do we move past the challenges that inflict EVERY creative endeavour?
  • What does success look and feel like at the end of this creative process?
  • How do we maintain momentum and continue to move forward after we’re done?

As we work on memoir writing, manifesto creation, website re-jigging, blog posting, illustrations, and social media, we are in awe of the amazing opportunity we have to commit to creativity.

Contemplating on deck...

Contemplating on deck…


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