Kika the Upside-Down Girl is a fun and empowering story about an adventurous girl who loves living upside down despite the pressure to stay right side up.  Kika ultimately finds what she needs to be happy in a fliptastic place, while building confidence and resiliency along the way.

Kika loves experiencing the world upside-down and why not? What if we could all hang from trees & bars, turn ideas upside-down and explore what it means to be fliptastic?!

Written by Olympian turned educator, speaker and mom Jessica Tudos, Kika the Upside- Down Girl is a unique gymnastics-themed picture book perfect for kids ages 4 – 10. Kika’s impact transcends age, resonating with anyone who has ever felt upside-down in a right side up world. 

Kika reminds us that choosing to be different is more than okay, and finding others to join in her upside-down adventures feels fliptastic – especially when it involves somersaults, vaults, flips and kips in the Gymnastics Emporium!  More on the motivation behind Kika’s story HERE.

Originally self-published in December 2013 after a successful Kickstarter video campaign, 1000 copies of Kika the Upside-Down Girl nearly sold out in the first year. In late 2014, Domnizelles Publishing Inc. acquired the rights to Kika the Upside-Down Girl, and we’re now sharing Kika’s message to a broader audience through events, online tours, readings, trade shows & festivals.




Outside of children’s publishing, Jessica is a motivational speaker, educator and coach, transforming ideas into purposeful actions that lead to social change in the areas of education, sports & recreation, leadership, culture, and sustainability.  Jessica is on a mission to inspire active, healthy and creative living among kids, youth and adults, in any direction they choose.

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I’d like to introduce you to Kika the Upside Down Girl, a story about a fearlessly feisty gymnast-in-the making who sees the world from a unique upside down vantage point.

Witness Kika’s incredible ability to sleep, learn, play and dream upside down, all the while fighting off the pressure to live right side up.  Kika’s ups and downs lead her to the moment when her one big wish – finding a special place to share her talents with others – is realized at THE GYMNASTICS EMPORIUM!

Written by Olympic gymnast Jessica Tudos, who has spent well over   10,000 hours upside down, this semi-autobiographical story aims to inspire kids of all ages to find their passion and celebrate how interesting life can be from their own perspective.

The story is complete and our pitch to potential publishers and/or agents is out – watch for publication news soon!

Also on the horizon, an interactive website, experiential resources, and author appearance schedule for everyone who wants to be inspired.

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