An Inspired Future – From Sustainability to Restoration & Regeneration

Had the opportunity to attend the “An Inspired Future Conference” with colleagues from Clean Air Champions February 6, 2013 and upon reflection, one of my biggest takeaways is that the term sustainability is somewhat limiting when it comes to… …describing what is needed to repair the world.

Less sustaining, more restoring & regenerating.

Well known environmental advocate and author Paul Hawken made an impassioned plea to the business movers and shakers in the room (mostly developers and real estate professionals) to be clear, passionate and intentional in their attempts to take responsibility for their environmental impact. Since business has created much of the environmental degradation we see, business must now use their collective intelligence to clean it up.

A highlight of the speech was the “Ideas like sex” quip, which evoked much laughter in the room.  Indeed, likes attracts likes and the idea that we must all utilize our intelligence, inspiration and imagination to reorganize ourselves and our planet came out strong.

This aligns nicely with Clean Air Champions’ wellness message and we hope to make further links with business leaders who are looking for innovative ways to activate their staff and management. Stay tuned!




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