Reconnecting to my Gymnastics Past


Mya, Shalini, Hannah and Veronica hanging off the beam @ Birchmount Gymnastics!

One of the best things about deciding to self-publish a kids book with a gymnastics theme is the opportunity I have had to visit and connect with gymnastics clubs in the GTA.  Entering the gym and walking on or around all the cushy mats, listening to the hum of the AC, seeing the progressions unfold, smelling the chalk, listening to the chatter – it has been eye-opening and strangely familiar. In some ways I feel like I’venever left – I am still that little girl trying to get better and better. But when I watch more closely and see what the gymnasts are actually doing, I wonder how the heck I ever did any of it!


To see these young gymnasts at Birchmount Gymnastics, Evolution Gymnastics Aurora, Markham Gymnastics, East York Gymnastics, and Gemini Gymnastics focusing so intently on developing their physical and mental skills, while at the same time focusing on maintaining healthy bodies, minds and spirit, makes me happy.

It makes me happy to know that this sport, no matter what level one reaches, builds character, confidence and resiliency.  Beauty, grace and elegance, not to mention commitment, focus and good ‘ol fashioned hard work are also some of the life skills that can be learned doing this sport – gymnastics is a life enhancer!

As preparations to launch our kickstarter fundraising campaign this October to raise funds to self-publish Kika the Upside Down Girl come together, I truly appreciate the support I have received so far from gymnastics clubs in the GTA. Connecting to athletes, coaches, and judges whom I remember from my Xoces-Eagles competitive days , not to mention the amazing up-and-coming gymnastics heroes-to-be, has been very special.   I hope Kika’s story can inspire them (and the grown ups who love and support them!) to trust themselves and continue to do what  they love, no matter what direction it may be!  I look forward to working with gym clubs to extend Kika’s message beyond the book, developing materials that can enhance training and motivate kids on many levels.

My hope is that every child can reach their full potential and thrive.  Stay tuned for updates (sign up for updates on the right hand side of the site!) and be part of the upside down movement.  It’s an exciting / nervous time (just like competitive days!) and I look forward to sharing our evolving story with you.

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  1. Chris Celovsky

    Jessica, first off, thank you for connecting with me on Facebook…if there is any interest in discussing the “leotard” aspect as part of your research, Saucy’s World would love to offer our help.

    In the meantime, we hope that you enjoy your weekend!!!

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