3 Reasons to Fling into Spring with Kika!

Revolution girlsSo many reasons to celebrate spring – warmer weather, more outdoor play, lots of Easter chocolate & new opportunities to hang with Kika the Upside Down Girl!

# 1.  Kika has a few new homes to share with you, including a permanent spot in the Archives of Canada Library, which I feel honoured and grateful for.  Books are now for sale @ CHAPTERS / INDIGO Bay/Bloor and at the amazing TYPE BOOKS. Books also for sale @ amazon.ca and through Jessica directly for organizations/bulk orders.

What should we do next? Having sold 750 of my original 1000 books, I’m going to run out soon, so does one re-print in China, sign with an indie publisher, seek a major publisher or…? It’s an encouraging and interesting position for a self-published author to be in what would you do?

# 2.  Kika encourages people see the world in a whole new way, which often involves upside down moves of some sort!  Now that hibernation season is over, it’s time to get out and forge fresh new relationships that are energizing and fun – just like spring – turning some of your ideas upside down and all around.  Just decide to FL!P it and make the most of the new season.

Where should we focus our promotional campaign? FL!PPING AWESOME is how I’d describe Kika’s impact in schools, clubs, camps, competitions and stores so far. However, we can’t be everywhere, so if you were planning promotions where would you focus?  Kids in school? Athletes? gymnasts? parents?  Would love to hear your thoughts – please comment below.

# 3.  Like Kika, we like to feel like we belong and fit in somewhere, no matter what we do, how we feel or what direction our life takes.  Making decisions from an authentic, confident place often leads to better results so this spring, commit to decision-making that’s genuine, on task and a wee bit uncomfortable…that’s when the best learning and evolving tend to happen.  Ask Kika about the reaction family, friends, teacher and doctor have to her upside down ways!

Have we made the right decisions for Kika the Upside Down Girl this spring?   Sharing Kika’s story of resilience and adventure with marginalized teen moms & their kids at Literature 4 Life; guiding gymnasts & parents through some of the challenges inherent in competitive sport @ gymnastic competitions in Waterloo, Burlington, Pickering, Toronto, Orangeville & Newmarket;  traveling to Camp Woodward in PA to work with international gymnasts & campers — will Kika’s message resonate and be valuable to others?  Can we really make a positive impact?  How do you remain confident in your decisions?  How can our decisions positively affect others?

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